The Achievables Interactive Book Partners With The Achievables Schools & Educators Character Education Program
Engage your children with The Achievables & their positive messages!

Today's colorful super-heroes come to life through a real world environment and is the perfect mix to naturally teach children in a fun cool format our easy to learn rhymes based on good values they will need to succeed!!!

Have The Achievables interact with your child with our free personalization. At checkout, you will be able to add your child's name and picture to be included in the book so they officially become part of The Achievable Crew.

"Congratulations, The Achievables bring entertainment to the classrooms!" Fox Entertainment

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When you partner with The Achievables, you will not only be making a difference in your community, you will be helping, empowering and impacting everyone, teachers, children, families, and you will be a hero too! Take part in what's becoming the most empowering educational paradigm shift for our kids!
Together, If We Believe-We will Achieve! Go Achievables!

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Find out how The Achievables Character Education Reward Program comes to life as The Achievables entertain, capture and hold the interest of kids while empowering & impacting your school and community. Teaching has never been so easy and fun while learning has never been so cool.

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The Achievables Character Education Program (CEP) promotes and contributes to the social developmental growth of children. The crucial subjects in today's society are brought to the forefront and help children learn and understand how to respond in difficult situations to ensure desired outcomes. Our kids need help and it's time for change! Through our unique CEP, teachers and parents can get to the core issues and effectively communicate with children on sensitive subjects. . By impacting our kids at an early stage, we can create a conscious shift in the growth and development of their individual character and set of values, so that they learn to make a positive difference in their world. See why this empowering, interactive and effective Character Educational Program is exactly what is needed in our classrooms today.

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